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In 2019, Facebook hired Ghost Note to lead brand development and content production for Elevate – the company’s global program to empower entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and celebrate their businesses.


Given the massive programming across the company, since its 2017 founding, Elevate had begun somewhat lost within the Facebook universe. Elevate had recently undergone a renaming (previously called Level Up) and an entirely new team was brought in to lead the program’s next chapter.


Ghost Note began by conducting a discovery effort to deeply understand the profiles, needs, and motivations of the thousands of Elevate entrepreneurs across the globe. For us, it was critical that Elevate’s brand and content captured authentic journeys to business success and our research helped make this possible.

Next, we dove head first into the dense Facebook brand guide to find ways to create an unique Elevate identity that still felt part of the larger company brand. Over the next few months, we crafted narrative and various visual identity elements that brought a bold spirit of entrepreneurship to the brand that started the process of distinguishing Elevate as a truly inspired Facebook program.

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After designing the brand identity, we led the official x relaunch of Elevate and began producing content to drive the program’s digital strategy. Throughout 2020, Ghost Note has produced story-forward content to capture the successes and brilliance of entrepreneurs across America, Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. We’ve also designed campaigns to celebrate National Black Business Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, and Facebook’s partner with Deezer – Latin America’s most popular music streaming platform.


In just a year, Ghost Note has helped Elevate garner widespread recognition with entrepreneurs and internally at the highest levels including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Since the hiring of Ghost Note, Elevate’s digital presence has grown tremendously.

Each Month

1936% increase in Instagram reach of more than 3 million unique users
7000% increase in engagement on Facebook and Instagram
500% increase in likes on Facebook and Instagram

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