About Us

The founders of Ghost Note were friends at the birth of dial up Internet and before Biggie dropped Ready to Die.

30+ years means something. And it's this earned culture of brother and sisterhood, family and community that drives us every day.

Our Values

The values we hold close we were formed and affirmed through a journey of triumphs, bumps and bruises. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our People

We are a team of creatives as beautifully diverse and brilliant as the world at its best. We come from every corner of America and the globe, and we bring all of our personal stories and journeys to the work we do. We think that’s pretty cool.

Ghost Note Believes:

  • family is everything.
  • The right group of people, coming together at the right moment, can change things.
  • independence is golden.
  • the best brands and creative solutions make people's lives better.
  • this is an amazing time to be alive. So let's live like it.