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Digital to drive the greatest voter turnout in American history


In the second half of 2020, Ghost Note was hired to develop digital strategy and content to truly reflect the interests of Black voters and encourage their participation in likely the most consequential election of any of our lifetimes.


Given the deep divides experienced across the Nation and the highly partisan nature of Washington, it’s become very difficult to deliver campaign messages and content that truly break through. And it’s fair to say that the US electorate has never been more polarized than in the general election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The Approach

We worked directly with Biden-Harris analysts, pollsters, and field operators to fully understand the household and policy issues of most importance to Black and Brown voters across America. We focused much of our efforts on speaking directly to Black voters in the critical battleground states of Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. By fully embracing the data behind the issues most pressing to Black Americans and developing messaging and creative to authentically reflect the dynamism of the Black experience, we were successful in creating real connections with voters.

Biden Social-Posts copy

The Solution

Ghost Note’s dedicated team of copywriters, designers, and content producers worked closely with the Biden-Harris campaign to present clear and compelling content highlighting then-VP Biden’s policy agenda to address the issues facing Black America. Our content spanned across video, infographics, voter testimonials, and more.

We also developed a rapid response team exclusively dedicated to swiftly countering erroneous claims from the Trump campaign.

We entered the engagement believing that there remained an opportunity for the Biden-Harris campaign to more deeply engage Black voters and share a vision for real change for Black America. We’re proud to have contributed to helping make this possible and playing our part in seeing change come to The White House.

50621357481_7fb5cde568_h (1)
More than 5 million individual US voters reached
63% of Black registered voters were “extremely motivated to vote” in 2020
88% of Black voters under 30 voted for Biden in 2020
92% of Black seniors voted for Biden in 2020

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