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A newly refreshed campaign and brand identity for Thompson Hotel's yearly Culture Shifter initiative.


Thompson Hotels “Culture Lives Here” is the Hyatt subsidiaries’ proclamation that Culture is truly derived from the creatives who design it – And there’s no safer haven for Culture to thrive than Thompson’s 18 properties.

We created a campaign identity brought to life by a range of digital assets spotlighting eight chosen Culture Shifters and their story, culminating in interactive activations spanning four major Thompson regions (NYC, LA, TX, and ATL). 

One of our main goals was to spotlight an eclectic ecosystem for profound tastemakers to connect, create, and recharge when they’re away from home.

Thompson Intro

The Challenge

We were tasked to develop a digital-first campaign that would serve as a flexible framework, highlighting our “Culture Shifters” across four major metropolitan centers, with vastly differing mediums and crafts while adhering to the high standard of the Thompson brand. As well as pubbing, covering, and spotlighting activations in partnership with Thompson and the shifters at Thompson properties.


4 Major Cities
4 Interactive Activations
8 Culture Shifters

Social-First Campaign

Curating the experience

We crafted a social-first campaign covering the individual and collaborative stories of each shifter: conducting interviews, event recaps, and more, producing various motion and video assets for Thomson’s IG platform.

Video Production

Behind the scenes

We had a team on the ground working with the shifters and a small production crew to capture every moment from the b-roll of shifters in their element 
to the activations they hosted at Thompson properties. This allowed us to ensure quality and constancy over the wide variety of produced content.

Shifter Spotlight

We crafted a design system that could flex to accommodate a wide range of content spanning multiple cities, artists, mediums, and events. Taking the established brand elements from Thompson, and assembling a variable frame system that acted almost as a gallery showcasing the artists and their work.

Thompson Social_Phone 3

Activation Coverage

Capturing the moment

We developed compelling reels recapping details and highlights from these collaborative events hosted by each cities respective culture shifters. Each activation not only showcased the talents of each shifter but elevated Thompson as a creative catalyst committed to cultivating creative spaces and communities within their properties.


The Thompson Hotel serves as a communal space for culturally savvy individuals who find community and creative connection through its engaging events, and we ensured the website experience reflected the same vision.

Thompson Mobile 1
Thompson Mobile 2

UI Design

A Hub for the Culture

Developing an exploratory experience, we showcased our Shifters and their respective events in a way that drives campaign awareness and peaks curiosity about the magic being made at Thompson Hotels. With interactivity in mind, we highlighted not only in-depth information on our Shifters through short biographies but also a look into past Culture Shifters who helped form the initiative into the cornerstone of Culture that it has become today.

Thompon Ipad Mockup
Thompson Mobile 3

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