The Writing Process

Strategy & Concepting
Video Production
Grammarly is your ultimate writing companion, ensuring you optimize your writing for any project. We collaborated with the Grammarly team to create a series of videos demonstrating how Grammarly can be effective at every step of the writing journey for students.


The Writing Process accompanies students as they embrace the writing process and navigate the essential steps to craft a successful essay. We crafted three (3) unique spots that follow the journeys of Molly, Skyler, and James as they harness Grammarly for more than just a basic spell checking. One of our main goals for the project was was to emphasize the versatility of Grammarly, demonstrating how it can aid in brainstorming ideas for the initial draft, facilitating revision and editing, and seamlessly managing source citations- all within a single tool.


Our primary challenge was to ensure that our campaign emphasized Grammarly’s significance as a comprehensive writing ally throughout the entire writing journey. The process of conceptualizing and scripting for three distinct scenarios provided us with the opportunity to infuse each story with a subtly different emphasis.

Within this trio of narratives, we created three distinct stages for our characters to traverse: the Ideation Station, Revision Division, and Citation Creation. Each station symbolized a unique suite of Grammarly features, adaptable for various stages of the writing process.

Skyler's Ideation Dilemma

Skyler (they/them) is a diligent and enthusiastic 25-year-old biochemistry major, passionate about science and creating medicines that can help the human body. As they’re approaching their final semester and beginning to work on their thesis, Skyler find themselves at a crosswords of what to write about. They struggle to find the perfect ideas to kickstart their papers, as every idea seems equally enticing. Luckily, Grammarly can help by kickstarting the ideation process and providing an outline for research.

Molly's Gotta Pitch

Molly (she/her) is a spunky business major, working on a business pitch with her classmate Bernardo. Molly’s passion for entrepreneurship knows no bounds, as she is always brimming with ideas for how to start a new business. Molly’s weakness lies in her struggle to get straight to the point. She believes a longer story makes a quality story, which is just…not true. Using Grammarly, Molly and Bernardo are able to quickly streamline their ideas for the pitch, making them clear and concise.

James and the Giant Thesis

James (he/him) is a perfectionist, through and through, and he’s got a giant thesis to write so he can graduate on time. He’s super smart, does tons of research, and never has trouble getting his ideas on the page. But those ideas can get lengthy, and he sometimes mixes up his sources and citations. Using Grammarly, James is able to stay on track for his thesis and cite the proper sources, all in one go.


Conceived, designed, and constructed in Atlanta through a collaborative effort involving Wax and Wane and Magnolia Arthouse, our approach was centered around the division of our set space into four distinct “rooms.” These rooms served as a continuous pathway for our characters, allowing them to seamlessly navigate between them. A recurring theme in our concept was the deliberate “exposure of the outside” and the intentional breaking of the fourth wall to showcase the intricacies of the set design. Each room featured one or two panel walls, and each scene was set in a different corner of the space. Over the course of our three-day filming, the “home” scene for each spot was altered, creating a unique opening for each video before the characters embarked on their journeys through the stations.



Shooting for a digital product presents a unique challenge, primarily because the product’s user interface (UI) overlay is typically added in post-production. Having our VFX artist on set to swiftly create mock-ups of supers during production greatly improved our ability to frame each scene effectively, ensuring seamless integration of the Grammarly product UI.

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