Center For Healing And Justice Through Sport

Visual Identity
Brand Development
Branding and launching a national institution using sport to transform communities.


In the spring of 2021, Ghost Note was hired to rebrand and relaunch the Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport (CHJS, formerly We Coach).
Our branding and strategy work supported CHJS’s new name and identity, broaden awareness, extend partnerships, and compel real change through the amplification of its innovative approach to healing- centered sports and training.


As CHJS sought out to reposition its organization to serve as the nation’s leading thought leader on matters of sports trauma and healing, Ghost Note’s primary challenge was creating a brand fit for a pioneering think tank.
Working closely with CHJS executives, we needed to deeply understand the full ambition and vision behind the newly formed organization and the ways in which CHJS would actually challenge the status quo on issues of sport, healing, and trauma. What we found was that the leaders and approach of CHJS were truly groundbreaking and the organization was well prepared to spark a national conversation.

Overall strategy

  • Reinforcing and expanding the organization’s existing reputation as an ambitious institution that leads deep social impact through healing-centered sports in ways that could seamlessly introduce the new CHJS name and brand identity.
  • Creating visually compelling and data-driven content to drive deep connection with CHJS principles, training, leadership, and vision.
  • Telling and showcasing stories of the real impact of CHJS and its partners who have dedicated their lives to helping transform communities through sport and healing. (5)

Everyday Legends

To launch the new CHJS brand, Ghost Note created the “Everyday Legends” campaign which was centered on stories of community leaders across America who are using sport to transform lives and institutions.
The campaign was launched across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email.  Additionally, we produced a video reel to announce the organization name and brand identity.

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