Our story is just beginning and
we're starting a new chapter.

Ghost Note announces strategic investment from Godfrey Dadich Partners and joins kyu - a collective of world class agencies and creatives.

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Do it for the Culture

Ghost Note is a tribute.

It’s a testimony.

March on Washington

Our agency is an ode to people and communities that carve out new paths, speak truth to power, and carry with them the heritage of brave souls past with them on the road ahead. We honor their stories and take pride in helping to tell them.  

So we keep learning, building, and working to create a company that matters—one that leaves things better than we found them.

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In the last few years, we have fielded multiple requests around acquisition, partnership and investment.
Our answer has always been thanks but no thanks.

We made these decisions because we had yet to find a partner that felt like the right fit – a group that valued our company and vision beyond the surface level. Through all the challenges and triumphs that come with growing an agency from the ground up, the thing we’ve appreciated most has been the opportunity to do it independently. We are proud of what’s happening at Ghost Note and our central focus is growth of impact, creative opportunities, and our team’s experience. So now, we are excited to enter into a collaboration that will accelerate our reach and ability to help inspire and foster the new generation of underrepresented creatives and strategists.

Ghost Note is announcing that we’ve agreed to a strategic investment from Godfrey Dadich Partners (GDP), the storytelling, design, and strategy firm that’s pioneering The New Editorial. Our partnership with Godfrey Dadich includes resources and human capital to support our growth and mission. Through this strategic partnership Ghost Note also joins the kyu Collective, which brings together best-in-class creative firms including Godfrey Dadich, to propel the economy and society forward.

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What Ghost Note means to Godfrey Dadich Partners + kyu

With Godfrey Dadich Partners as its core strategic partner, Ghost Note joins kyu’s Collective of world class companies challenging convention, redefining the craft, and honoring story above all else.


Godfrey Dadich Partners and kyu believe Ghost Note brings culture, skill, and perspective that feel refreshing and catalytic. Together, they will help expand the ways underrepresented people engage with brands and proudly share our stories with the world.


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Black Lives Matter march

Across its history and team, Godfrey Dadich Partners’s deep love of story is clear. And with their New Editorial practice, Godfrey Dadich is reshaping the way brands and consumers own and tell their own unique stories. Ghost Note shares this passion for breaking through surface to find real stories and emboldening underrepresented consumers to tell their own.

How we’ll work with 
Godfrey Dadich Partners + kyu

  1. 1

    Perspective and craft that inspire

    The Ghost Note team is ready to bring unique voices, experiences, and techniques that will inform the kyu community’s passion for telling the stories of an ever-evolving world. We believe our people and skills in design, strategy, and storytelling can inspire Godfrey Dadich Partners and the entire kyu collective.

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    Helping to build The New Editorial

    With its New Editorial practice, Godfrey Dadich is changing the way brands and creators tell stories. Ghost Note will partner with Godfrey Dadich to advance The  New Editorial, with a particular commitment to helping shape approaches to telling the stories of underestimated people.

  3. 3

    Collaborations that expand client opportunities

    Ghost Note enters the Godfrey Dadich partnership and kyu Collective with focused plans for significant growth and new and deeper client relationships. These relationships will advance Ghost Note’s mission to introduce the next generation of diverse creatives and strategists to the field, and to become the preeminent agency for underestimated communities.

A note from the
Founders of Ghost Note

We’ve come so far at Ghost Note and there’s still endless opportunity ahead. The very same can be said for all the people and communities that inspire us every step of the way. So with this new partnership, our mission remains the same…to push brands to tell the stories and deliver the experiences that speak from the heart of real culture creators, innovators, and activists.

Ultimately, we work simply to leave things better than we found them.
We thank you for your support.

The good folks
at Ghost Note

Hear it from
our new partners

You have to decide who you are and force the world to deal with you, not with its idea of you.


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