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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Addressing Trauma in Boys and Young Men of Color

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the newly formed Forward Promise awards millions in funding to nonprofits across America that are dedicated to driving positive healing and growth for young men and boys of color.

Digging Deep

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation hired Ghost Note to design a a brand identity and online presence as compelling as the Forward Promise mission. In addition to leveraging our personal understanding of the minority male experience, we conducted extensive research to test imagery and messages that would most resonate.

Healing, Growing and Thriving

Much of our branding and messaging centered on the concept of a “Forward Promise village” – an environment that allows boys and young men of color to heal; to grow and thrive across land and time; tragedy and success. This concept informed the visual identity we ultimately designed for Forward Promise.

Expanding the Village

We set out to increase awareness and education of the issues facing these youth. In this effort, we developed a website equipped to runs multiple blogs through a simplified content management system and a robust resource repository. Our developers built a custom theme using HTML, CSS & PHP and created a members-only login portal to manage grantees and grantee-facing information.

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