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DC’s New Communities Initiative

A Champion of Affordable Housing in DC

The New Communities Initiative (NCI) is a Washington, DC government program focused on transforming four of the largest public housing communities in the City. Clouded by almost a decade of scathing criticism, DC asked Ghost Note to help change the narrative and engage the community in ways that reestablished long-broken trust.

Communication is key

Historically lacking a dedicated communications team, NCI brought Ghost Note in to manage communications and marketing for the program. Our focus has been on engaging with the residents and elevating the narrative behind fair and honest affordable housing strategies. Ghost Note developed a comprehensive marketing and public relations strategy to keep tens of thousands of interested stakeholders informed and help people understand the complex nature of NCI’s work.

The word on the street

A major problem facing NCI was a slew of factual inaccuracies and unbalanced accounts of the program’s work. Our team was tasked with correcting engaging influential reporters and community leaders to counter with real information and honest, balanced testimonies to reinforce NCI’s commitment to full partnership and transparency.

Telling a real story

Historically, government marketing and communications can come off plain, distant, and uninspired. To address, our creative team has worked to incorporate a fresh and modern creative feel into NCI’s marketing. Our team evaluated NCI’s current brand and marketing efforts and developed a brand system that included a separate brand extension for each of the four NCI communities. The branding is easily recognizable, specific for each neighborhood, and most importantly, approachable.

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