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Andrew Gillum for Governor

Making History

Over the past decade, few emerging politicians have captured the hearts and minds of voters and the public like Andrew Gillum, Mayor of Tallahassee and Florida’s first Black Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida. Ghost Note was honored to be hired to refresh and enhance the Gillum for Governor brand identity and help drive much of the Campaign’s digital efforts. 

Different journeys, one destination

As part of our digital work, Ghost Note tailored online experiences and messages according to voter demographics and issues of concern. On social media, we designed and established a visual brand in ways that communicated Andrew’s authenticity through a relatable, passionate yet vulnerable tone.

Visualizing a better future

To further enhance the Campaign’s social presence and brand narrative, Ghost Note designed motion graphics and infographics clearly explaining the often complex details behind some of the most progressive elements of the Gillum platform. Leveraging these designs, we were able to demystify big ideas like universal health care and College for All.

In 5 seconds or less

The Campaign’s Instagram feed was revamped to read cohesively by following a consistent theme. Instagram Highlights were categorized by common voter issues and concerns so voters could easily find Andrew’s stances on a range of key issues. To support user-generated content, we also created a variety of Instagram Sticker GIFs that have been viewed over a million times so far.

Bringing it home

As part of the tailored experience, we built out voter bloc-specific microsite experiences for key audiences such as students, women, Latinos and African Americans. The microsites featured targeted narratives geared to speak to the interests, needs, and aspirations of each audience group – converting users into volunteers, funders, and supporters.

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