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American Cancer Society

Nearly Two Decades Later…

American Cancer Society’s National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT) is the largest such roundtable within the organization. However, in 2017, their website had not been updated for nearly 20 years and users found it difficult to navigate. Ghost Note was hired to develop a new, dynamic website featuring and improved user experience to advance the goal of increasing screenings among at-risk populations.

Zeroing In

We led a series of focus groups to gather more insights on the experiences and needs of our target audiences. This effort allowed us to narrow in and identify the key issues confront users of the original site, such as choice overload, navigation and content management difficulties.

Lightening the Load

To combat choice overload, we created an intuitively organized repository for all of resources and materials. Now searchable with advanced filtering, users are able to narrow in on their search inquiries. We also wanted to ensure that the site was accessible, especially to those who may have visual impairments, so the overall look of the website was updated to a cleaner, modern design and color scheme to increase contrast and readability.

A Seamless Experience

For better content management, static charts were updated into dynamic charts that utilized data visualization. Content managers at the American Cancer Society will no longer need to code in their tables, saving them time and resources.

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