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The Black Men’s Health Project

Changing the health narrative for African-American men

For decades, African-American men have had the lowest life expectancies among any other ethnic or gender group in the United States. Additionally, little research on the reasons behind this disparity exists. To change this, a team of acclaimed Black male public health researchers from Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University and Michigan State University called upon Ghost Note to help launch a national research initiative to figure out why – The Black Men’s Health Project .

Rallying 10,000 Black men

The Project’s goal is to rally 10,000 Black men across the nation to participate in a large scale survey. Understanding this challenge, Ghost Note created a modern and culturally-relevant brand identity to compel men to participate.

From doctors to brothers

Making the right choices of messaging and imagery was critical for this campaign, as historically African-Americans have held a longstanding mistrust of the medical community. Our strategy was to authentically connect with our audience in ways the reinforced the credibility and genuine intentions behind the Project.

Telling the real story

To make sure our audience truly grasped the urgency of the health crisis facing Black men in America, our team developed an integrated national marketing campaign, using original content, social media marketing, strategic partnerships, and more to tell the story.

Modernizing health research

Ghost Note created an integrated web platform to house the Project’s health survey, allowing men to sign up and complete on any device, and also receive their personalized results reports.

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