Inkwell Haven

Brand Development / Visual Identity
Crafting a brand for a fast growing haven of hospitality


In 2020, Ghost Note was hired to develop an identity and digital strategy to support the upcoming relaunch of Inkwell Haven - one of the East Coast’s fastest growing hospitality brands.


After taking ownership of Martha’s Vineyard’s historic Narragansett House, Inkwell Haven’s founders sought a vibrant new brand identity and digital program that supports both the parent company and property.
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The Approach

Our approach to this project was heavily inspired by the 150+ years of history behind the Narragansett House and Martha’s Vineyard’s Inkwell community. For generations, the property and corner of the island have provided respite and fun for travelers from across the world. Even more, Narragansett House and the Inkwell hold a special place in the hearts of Black travelers and families not always so warmly welcomed in other destinations.

Pulling from archival writings and images, Ghost Note was able to reach back into history to understand the heritage and cultural significance of Narragansett and The Inkwell.


We crafted a brand messaging framework and ultimately founded the brand messaging on a simple yet powerful tagline, “Stay close.” We created a logo comprised of the Circular font and a gothic window icon situated at top. The window icon pays homage to the arches found throughout Narragansett House.

After designing the brand identity, Ghost Note is now developing a digital strategy to welcome back travelers and lovers of Narragansett House who were kept away in 2020 due to COVID-19. We are developing a series of dynamic content to capture share the insights of brilliant travelers that call Narragansett House a second home and tell rich stories of wellness and discovery.
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